Outward Adventure

        Mercy and Marist Year 10 students attended a challenging Outward Adventure camp with some students attending Outward Bound in Walpole and some students attending Explorus in Karridale.  

Mrs Morris had the pleasure of being at Base Camp on Outward Bound, while Mrs Maughan had the pleasure of being at Base Camp for Explorus. Both heard nothing but positive comments about the student’s behaviour and determination and were pleased with the student’s willingness to challenge themselves to overcome difficulties.   Outward Bound students even had to contend with strong winds and rain with a number of students commenting about how helpful others were when they faced some challenging health difficulties. All the students were a credit to themselves and their families.

We would especially like to thank Mr Rob Poulter, Mr Bernie Depiazzi, Mr Mike Hearne, Mrs Terri Gann, Ms Teagan Doyle and Mrs Andreja Depiazzi for travelling with the students on Outward Bound and Mr Jason Frisina, Ms Tayla Doyle, Ms Sinead Liddelow, Ms Brigid Terry,  Mr Graham Jones and Mr John Leyendekkers for travelling with the students on Explorus.   Thanks also to Mrs Janet Wilson, Ms Kate Jendrezak, Mrs Liana Gunson and Mr Patrick Golemo for the work they did behind the scenes to get us there.

Mrs Wendy Morris and Mrs Maree Maughan