Year 12 Retreats

Retreat was a momentous occasion for all our Year 12 students in the final week of last term. Students traipsed their way through mud and rain to board buses and begin their retreat journey, but this did not dampen the spirits!
With a focus on exploring self, relationships with family and relationships with God, all students eagerly participated in the activities, creating memorable experiences for their time at BCC.
Both students and staff are grateful for the opportunity that was provided for reflection, individual growth and self-discovery. It was a much needed break at a very busy time for our Year 12 students and a spiritual and inspiring experience for all involved. 
The year group was divided into four smaller groups of approximately 40 students who went to different sites. 
The retreat involved practical activities, small group sharing, individual reflection, teachers sharing personal testimonies and ritual. The rituals included a reconciliation/healing ceremony and a Mass. 
Thank you to Father Theo, Father Wayne, Father Gerald and Father Jess who celebrated our Masses at the various sites. A special thank you to all staff who gave their time to attend the retreat and help to make it a special event for our Year 12 students, in particular our Retreat leaders Mr Eugene de Lima, Mr John O’Dea and Mrs Gobnait May. 
Thank you also to Ms Kate Jendrzejak, Mrs Virginia Whittaker and Mrs Janet Wilson for all the organisation they did prior to the retreat.
We are all grateful for the work of Mrs Michelle Barrow in preparing, organising and leading the Year 12 Retreats.