Pastoral care

Pastoral care is a high priority at Bunbury Catholic College. It is very important to us that each student feels secure, safe and above all, valued for who they are and their gifts.

At Bunbury Catholic College, each student is part of a caring community where we ask for mutual respect in a nurturing environment.

Each student is a member of a Homeroom with about 25 other students from their own year group. Each Homeroom has a ‘Homeroom Teacher’ who is the ‘school parent’ and is responsible for caring for their group. This system aims to ensure that students will have close contact with one teacher and a group of other students over the five years of secondary education. 

Parents are encouraged to make the Homeroom Teachers the first point of contact for any concerns, questions or information. This also gives the teacher the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with each student’s family.

Each year group is led by a teacher called the Head of Year, whom, along with the Homeroom teacher, attends to the pastoral needs of students in a year group.