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Our Mission statement: Building community by celebrating the past, connecting with the present and creating a pathway to the future.

Latest inductees into Hall of Distinction

Dr Pia Broderick – Professional category. 
Pia is a highly regarded clinical psychologist and former Associate Professor of Psychology at Murdoch University.  She has gained a reputation in the research and practice of psychology, particularly in the field of child, adolescent and adult development and functioning. She is regarded as an expert in clinical issues around child development.

Pia has lived a life of service to the community. She is a devoted mother and wife who has balanced the demands of her vocation as an academic and mental health professional.  She treats people with dignity and is caring and compassionate.

Dr Iain Clark  – Professional category.
Iain, who is based in London, has been a quantitative analyst in the finance industry for over 15 years holding positions including head of FX and commodities quantitative analysis at Standard Bank and head of FX quantitative analysis at UniCredit and Dresdner Kleinwort. He has also worked in FX and commodities at Lehman Brothers, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan.

Currently he is the Founder and Managing Director of the Efficient Frontier Consulting which is a bespoke quant/risk consultancy that delivers FX/commodity option pricing and risk management solutions. Iain is the author a number of guides on option pricing.

He is well known so BCC senior economics students as, for the past few years Iain, has been returning to the College to present a talk to our students about money markets and the application of economic theory in the real world.

His continued willingness to visit us during his personal holidays back to Bunbury from London, whilst catching up with his father, and share his expertise, is much appreciated and all that this school represents.

Alexandra Hagan  –  Sport category.
Alex started her rowing career in Year 6 and has now been rowing, a exhausting, time consuming and sport, for 14 years.  Alex has shown dedication and commitment to achieve outstanding results, winning her first Junior Australian single scull title in 2006 and representing Australia since 2008. She has won numerous local and state sporting awards and scholarships along the way.   She is currently Captain of the Australia Women’s 8 Rowing team and a Dual Olympia, having competed at London and Rio.

Alex is a unique cheerful individual that has never forgotten her friends, family and home town of Bunbury.  She is an inspirational role model especially to females. Her commitment, dedication and passion to the sport of rowing is outstanding.  Her never give up attitude, positive outlook, humble, down to earth nature with a thirst for success is an inspiration, particularly to young girls.

2016 inductees
2016 inductees or their representative

Terry O’Brien – Humanitarian and Community Service category.
In 1962, Terry, who was then known as Marist Brother, Albert, was sent to Bunbury to be the Principal of St Francis Xavier Marist Brothers College (which was in its eighth year).

As you can appreciate there was an enormous amount of work to be done to consolidate and develop the College in those early days. Terry embarked on the development of grounds (hence  Albert Oval), the construction of buildings and  tennis courts and undertook his primary role, the education of senior students, with infectious enthusiasm and good will.

His tenure as Principal laid the foundations for the successful expansion into Bunbury Catholic College. Terry subsequently left the Marist Order, married and raised a family. During his career as a Marist brother teacher, a Principal in four schools (two as a brother and two as a lay teacher) and a lay teacher in Marist Colleges around Australia, he has devoted his life to Catholic Education and the Marist ethos.

Lauren Reynolds -Sport category.
Lauren started BMX in Bunbury at the age of 7. Since then she has gone onto an outstanding career in BMX, representing WA since 2000 and Australia since 2007. Lauren is, like Alex, a dual Olympian having competed at London and Rio. She is also in the top ten BMX riders in the world.

Lauren is an outstanding role model, especially to young women. Her commitment, dedication and passion to the sport of BMX – a tough and unforgiving sport- over 18 years has been outstanding. Her never give up attitude, positive outlook, generosity, humble down to earth nature, professionalism and thirst for success is an inspiration to us all.
















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