Christian Service Learning

Christian Service Learning is an integral part of the College learning program and prepares the students to recognize the needs of others and feel like they are able to contribute and make a difference to our society and world.

The Year 7 and 8 programs allows the students to get a taste of what it means to work for others without expecting anything in return.  They assist families and friends with a variety of activities over a period of 10 hours.

In Year 9 the service is expanded into the community and the students within their Religious classes visit the Residents of Aged Care facilities in Bunbury and spend a further 6 hours assisting those in their own community.

Students from Year 10 to 12 organize their own service activities and have supported a number of organisations in and around the Bunbury region, including Surfing for the Disabled (pictured).


Religious Education

The Bunbury Catholic College community is a Christian community that is centred in Christ.  Through whole school liturgies, Christian Service Learning Programs, Retreats and the Religion Programs, we reflect on and model Gospel values.

Speaking recently at BCC, Bishop Gerard Holohan summed up the mission of the Catholic School as existing to ensure that students left at the end of their time at the College with  ”a personal relationship with Jesus.”  This is the basis for the central position that Religious Education, be that through RE classes or ministry events seeks to make known to our students.

We are very grateful to the priests of the Parish of Bunbury and to Bishop Holohan for their support and generous help in the provision of experiences of religious liturgies, retreats and rituals.