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2021 Music Application

Step 1 of 4 - Conditions


    1. Fees

    Lesson Options & Schedule Of Fees

    • Initial enrolment fee for new students only:
    $35 – this is a resource charge for a tutor book and lesson diary

    • Individual lessons:
    $30 per 30- minute lesson paid directly to the tutor

    • Share lesson: (only available for new students):
    $20 per 30- minute lesson shared with a maximum of 2 other students. It is expected that the student will start an individual lesson after 1 semester (2 terms)

    a) Continued enrolment in the music program is subject to the full payment of your music tuition fees and all other general school fees.

    b) Issues regarding tuition fees should first be directed to the Instrumental Music Coordinator and then the Director of Music.

    2. Attendance

    a) Timetables will be issued to students and families via email prior to the start of each school term.

    b) Students are expected to attend lessons as shown on the timetable (variations will occur from time to time due to special school activities and other events).

    c) Students should not miss a lesson due to another school activity unless they are leaving the school or the tutor has been contacted in advance.

    d) Early notice that a lesson will be missed will assist with re-scheduling another time.

    e) No lessons will be re-scheduled due to family holidays taken during the school term.

    f) Lessons will only be rescheduled if:

    a. The tutor has been notified 2 days prior to the scheduled lesson (contact details are in the music diaries).

    b. Due to sickness:

    i. The tutor has been notified prior to the lessons (text, email, phone before 8:00am)

    ii. If the tutor is absent and the annual lesson quota is not gong to be met.

    g) A message left on the school absentee line IS NOT an acceptable form of notice, as tutors do not access to this information in a timely manner.

    h) Re-scheduled lessons will be provided at a time convenient to the tutor in consultation with students.

    i) Where a student enrolled in a pair lesson receives an individual lesson, this may count as 2 lessons.

    3. Change Of Enrolment

    a) Enrolment in the program will continue for a full school year unless altered or discontinued.


    c) Lessons cannot be cancelled at any other time

    4. Lesson Equipment

    a) Lessons records, lesson books, music folder, pencil, eraser and own musical equipment (as required).

    5. General

    a) Further enquiries should be directed to the Instrumental Music Coordinator or the Director Of Music.