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2022 String Sensation

Step 1 of 4 - Fees and Conditions

  • The String Sensation tuition program is for students of all ages, from the wider community, wishing to learn an orchestral string instrument. Students are provided with a private lesson with a tutor for 30 minutes, one day per week. New students may opt for a share lesson as set out below.

    To provide the best learning possible, all students are automatically enrolled in the orchestra. The String Sensation Orchestra rehearses for one hour every week on the same day as the private lesson. As part of the orchestra, students are assisted by a strings tutor, are accompanied by a professional pianist and are led by an experienced conductor. The orchestra is an integral part of the tuition program.

    Concerts occur at the end of each semester – June and December. In addition to these concerts, students will also participate in the annual Bunbury Eisteddfod competition and the College annual Music Department Concert.

    Bunbury Catholic College are pleased to offer the Performing Arts Centre and the Music Staff, to facilitate this program.

    Please read the information provided and complete the form below. Fees, hire instruments and equipment, attendance and timetables are all explained.

    If you have any queries about the program please contact Mr Luke Campbell, BCC Music Teacher, email:


    Lesson Options & Schedule Of Fees

    • Initial enrolment fee for new students only
      $35 – this is a resource charge for a tutor book and lesson diary
    • Individual lessons:
      $30 per 30- minute lesson paid directly to the tutor
    • Share lesson: (only available for new students)
      $20 per 30- minute lesson shared with a maximum of 2 other students. It is expected that the student will start an individual lesson after 1 semester (2 terms)
    • Administration/orchestra fee - $5
      All students after their first semester of lessons, are charged $5 per week to help with the cost of photocopying, general administration and the conductor fees.
    Instrument Hire
  • Instruments can be hired per term as follows:
    • Violin $30
    • Viola $30
    • Cello $30
    • Double Bass $50

    Hire instruments must:
    • Be treated with care
    • Be covered by insurance
    • Repairs, with the exception of general wear and tear, are to be paid for by the hirer

    Continued enrolment in the music program is subject to the full payment of all fees in a timely manner

    Lesson Equipment

    Students will be provided with a Practice Diary. This should be brought to every lesson along with lesson books, music folder, pencil, eraser and own musical equipment as required.

    Students will need a music book stand for home practice.

    • Timetables will be issued to students and families via email prior to the start of each school term.
    • Students are expected to attend lessons as shown on the timetable
    • Early notice that a lesson will be missed will assist with re-scheduling another time.
    • No lessons will be re-scheduled due to family holidays taken during the school term.
    • Lessons will only be rescheduled if:
      The tutor has been notified the day prior to the scheduled lesson (contact details are in the music diaries).
      The tutor has been notified prior to the lessons (text, email, phone)
      Due to sickness:
    • Re-scheduled lessons will be provided at a time convenient to the tutor in consultation with students.
    • Where a student enrolled in a pair lesson receives an individual lesson, this may count as 2 lessons.

    Change Of Enrolment

    Enrolment in the program will continue for a full school year unless altered or discontinued.


    Lessons cannot be cancelled at any other time