Year 10 and 11

The Year 10 and Year 11 Phys Ed Studies Triathlons was also held in perfect conditions. It was great to see the support for each other as they run through.

Year 12

The Yr. 12 PE Studies ATAR students completed their triathlon assessment recently, on Wednesday, March 8. This entailed a 500m swim/13.5km cycle/4km run.

The students all completed this task comfortably and there were some very good results posted. This performance is the culmination of their own training program over the summer term and time leading to this event.

This enables the students to integrate theory with a practical outcome. The students often find the distances quite challenging. However, they are capable and talented athletes and always perform well.

Our top performers this year were Ryan Sanders and Alana Gianotti. Well done to all students!!

Mr Graham Jones