Certificate II Engineering Pathways

Certificate II Engineering Pathways

This course introduces the students to the engineering trade and is designed for students interested in engineering or related work environments. Basic skills, knowledge and concepts are provided covering how to produce and modify objects using a range of equipment, tools and machinery in a modern, purpose built workshop.

Core units

MEM13014A – Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
MEMPE005A – Develop a career plan for the engineering and manufacturing industry
MEMPE006A – Undertake a basic engineering project
MSAENV272B – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

MEM16008A – Interact with computing technology
MEM18001C – Use hand tools
MEM18002B – Use power tools/hand held operations
MEMPE001A – Use engineering workshop machines
MEMPE002A – Use electric welding machines
MEMPE003A – Use oxy-acetylene and soldering equipment
MEMPE004A – Use fabrication equipment
MEMPE007A – Pull apart and re-assemble engineering mechanisms

Nationally Recognized Qualification Yes