Why Choose a Catholic School?

This is an important question facing many parents today. In a world noted for change, the church has not been exempt.  Parishes today are frequently finding new ways of worshipping and celebrating in community as they face a future without weekly access to a priest. So too, schools have faced a future without the teaching nuns and brothers with whom so many of us were familiar.

Just as lay parishioners have faced their challenge, lay teachers have risen to the challenge to address what it means to teach in a Catholic School, from a Catholic perspective, and with a Catholic Vision. Far from being just another school, a Catholic school has a Mandate, given by the Bishops, to live up to the ideal of being the teaching arm of the Church.

All teachers in the Catholic schools are charged with the commitment to integrate Faith with the Life and Culture of our students. In practical terms, this means that not only are our teachers expected to teach well, but they are also expected to teach each subject from the Christian perspective.

As practical examples, I would ask parents to consider the social implications of learning Economics or Health Education, or any of the areas covered in the school curriculum, without the benefits of a Gospel driven perspective.