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Tuesday November 22 2022

8.30am – 3.00pm

Bunbury Catholic College - College Hall, Rodsted Street entrance.

Orientation Day is an opportunity for Year 6 students, who are enrolled to commence Year 7 in 2023 at Bunbury Catholic College, to meet their teachers and future classmates and experience a taste of College life for a day.

Students will participate in lessons from a cross-section of curriculum areas, enjoy lots of fun activities and experience some of the differences between primary school and secondary school like:

  • having classes in different locations around the school
  • specialised subject areas and classrooms
  • timetables
  • managing their lockers and equipment
  • meeting new people and friends.

2023 will be an exciting time at Bunbury College and we are looking forward to meeting you all on the day!


In preparation for Orientation Day, your assistance is required in completing the following on-line forms for your child. Please complete and submit all forms by 3.00pm Friday October 14 2022.

Please complete and submit the following forms –


Orientation Day & Transition Form


To assist us with our timetabling requirements, students need to select a language for 2023. Please discuss your child’s language choice with them, and ensure they choose their language carefully. Places will be allocated on a first-come basis. Once a language has been allocated, students are committed to the course for both Years 7 & 8 and they will not be able to change their language course. The College will contact you if it is deemed that your child will be placed in a literacy course rather than a language course.

Families will be notified of the allocated language towards the end of Term 4, 2022.

Language Selection Form


In preparation for 2023, we request that all families, where possible, book a uniform fitting appointment for your child. The Year 7 2023 uniform fitting appointments will commence on Monday October 24 2022 and will conclude on Tuesday November 8 2022.

Our initial priority is to make sure that all Year 7 2023 students have an opportunity to have a uniform fitting and purchase the required uniforms and accessories. To ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible, please use the link below to book a 30-minute fitting appointment. Bookings can be made until 3.00pm Friday October 14 2022.

Uniform Fitting Appointments


Students are to wear their current primary school sports uniform, hat and enclosed sports shoes.

Students will need to bring a fully stocked pencil case and water bottle. The College will provide morning tea, however, if your child has special dietary requirements, we ask that they bring their own morning tea. Students can bring their own lunch or purchase lunch from the College Cafeteria on the day (eftpos or cash).

We recommend students bring a small school bag to carry all their belongings. Please clearly mark all your child’s belongings.


The Orientation Day will commence in the College Hall. Please enter the College from Rodsted Street (please note that there is no entry into the College via Petherick Street).

Parents and Guardians are responsible for arranging transport for their child to arrive at the College by 8.25am for an 8.30am start. Students are to be collected at the end of the day by 3.00pm. We prefer that students do not travel by bus on the day. However, if this is unavoidable, please make sure that you contact the bus service provider, prior to Orientation Day, to confirm your child will be able to travel on the bus.

Students can be dropped off at the rear of the College Hall, in the Sports Centre car park, off Rodsted Street. To ensure a smooth drop off, we ask that parents ‘kiss and drop’ where possible and our student leaders will direct your child to the College Hall.

Parking for parents/guardians attending the afternoon Parent Information Session or picking up students at the end of the day, will be available in the Sports Centre car park on Rodsted Street.

If your child is to be taken home at the end of the day by someone other than a parent or guardian, please advise the College Registrar, Mrs Geraldine Bowman, on 9721 0019 or by email to Geraldine.bowman@cewa.edu.au, advising the name and the mobile number of the person who will be collecting your child.

In the interest of student safety, please do not drop-off/pick-up or park in the following areas:

  • Designated bus zones on Rodsted Street, Petherick Street, or Flynn Street
  • The Administration car park or staff car parks on Petherick Street or Flynn Street
  • The one-way access road through the College
  • The Trade Training Centre car park
  • On either side of the Petherick Street roadside or the residential side of Flynn Street or Rodsted Street.

We thank you for your support.


We encourage Parents and Guardians to attend an information session in the College Hall from 1.30pm to 3.00pm.

This information session will cover:

  • College practices & policies
  • Year 7 curriculum
  • Booklist/Second-hand bookshop
  • Start of Term 1 & Year 7 Activity Days
  • Student laptop device & SEQTA Parent Engage
  • How the College will transition students from primary school to secondary school
  • Meet and ask questions of key staff.

Our Accounts staff will be available in the College Hall from 12.30pm to 1.30pm for those families who wish to discuss fees and payment options.

The session will close with an afternoon tea. Following this, Parents and Guardians will be able to collect their child at the end of the school day.

If you have further questions please contact the College Registrar Geraldine Bowman, on (08) 9721 0019 or email Geraldine.bowman@cewa.edu.au.

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