Our College community is made up of several groups, including our parents and ex-students.

At Bunbury Catholic College we strongly believe that the education of your child is a ‘partnership’. We, as educators, cannot do it all. Without active participation and involvement by parents each child will not reach their full potential.

Parents are the prime educators of their children and we as educators will work closely with you. We will contact you if there are matters that are of concern to us; but similarly you must contact us if there are issues of concern.

For Bunbury Catholic College to be a truly effective school, parent involvement must reach beyond the classroom. We need parents to assist us in the governance of the school by nominating for the College Board. Another area that parents can be active participants in College life is through the Parents and Friends’ Association.

Each year parents are sent a list outlining the various ways that they can be involved. It is an expectation of enrolment at Bunbury Catholic College that everyone contributes generously to this request.

The School Canteens rely upon voluntary service for its operation. Parents are encouraged to make themselves available for a roster drawn up at the start of each year.

At BCC we see the partnership between parents and the College as very important.  Reports, parents’ evening and newsletters keep parents well informed.