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Visible Learning Philosophy

At Bunbury Catholic College, we utilise the teaching philosophy of Visible Learning to guide and support our students into becoming lifelong learners.

Based on the research of Professor John Hattie, Visible Learning emphasises educators always knowing the effect their teaching is having on student learning. In addition to learning the material, students come to understand how they learn and how to evaluate their own progress. Encouraging students to develop a love of learning, it also promotes quality feedback and celebrates excellence.

A priority of Visible Learning is making clear the learning processes and expectations for every student in every classroom. Learning intentions and success criteria are displayed in learner-friendly language so that it is clear to students ‘what they are learning’, ‘why they are learning it’ and ‘how they will know they have been successful’. Students understand how to set goals, articulate their knowledge and move independently through their next learning steps. Successful learners strive to use self-regulation strategies when assessing their own work, asking questions and actively seek feedback.

For educators, teaching is evaluated in terms of the impact on student learning, enabling us to identify those attributes and strategies of teachers, students and leaders that have the greatest positive outcomes on student progress. The Visible Learning approach requires that we continuously gather, analyse, interpret and use information about each students’ progress and achievement to improve teaching and learning. At Bunbury Catholic College we are committed to making Visible Learning part of our language and culture.

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