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Mark Handcock

Mark Handcock

Professional Category

(Hall of Distinction 2020)

Mark is an award-winning mathematical scientist who has contributed to positive public health and community outcomes across diverse social settings. Mark graduated from Bunbury Catholic College in 1978 and is currently Professor of Statistics at UCLA. Motivated by questions in social epidemiology, public policy and environmetrics, Mark has tackled subjects as diverse as racial and gender-based economic inequality, spatial-temporal modelling of climate change and the patterns of craters on the surface of Venus. His social interaction modelling has led to a better understanding of the spread of diseases, including HIV (AIDS) and COVID-19, and his published works have been cited more than 18,000 times. Being a mathematical scientist has enabled Mark to explore his curiosity about the world, which started at BCC through the influence of Brother Vincent Ryan, Brother Bernard, Brother Doug and Lieke Cransburg. As a teacher himself, Mark is appreciative of the efforts of all the teachers for their tireless work for the good of others.

We congratulate Mark on his induction to the Hall of Distinction in the Professional category.

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