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Academic Challenge and Enrichment Studies (ACES) is a program designed to enhance the education of students who require extension outside of the classroom.

Identified students will be empowered to collaborate with like-minded students in a positive environment to apply 21st Century learning skills that enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills

Students will be able to engage in programs and competitions with expert staff mentors so that they can practise their skills with students in other school environments. This will enable students to learn and compete in more extensive and differentiated environments.

Students will spend two hours per week engaged in various learning modules that encompass all learning areas and enable them to problem solve and carry out research to gain depth of knowledge and understanding of various topics. Some of these topics may assist students’ participation in various academic competitions.


Academically able and self-motivated students need time to work with like minds. Teachers, families, outside providers, community members, and students may collaborate to provide a variety of in-school and out-of-school extension programs like community-centred opportunities, holiday programs, competitions, flexible learning opportunities and mentoring. Collaboration with Universities will enable students to participate in their Outreach Programs.

Some examples of enrichment opportunities that Bunbury Catholic College can provide for academic challenge and enrichment include:

  • Have Sum Fun
  • STAWA Science IQ
  • Engineering Challenge
  • Pedal Prix
  • Robocup
  • Debating
  • Science Talent Search
  • Iluka Vision Highschool Art Exhibition
  • Bunbury Eisteddfod
  • WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad
  • National Science Youth Forum
  • BHP Science & Engineering Awards
  • Australian Brain Bee Challenge
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • ACER: Assessment of Languages Competence
  • AQWEST Photographic Competition
  • Chevron Photographic Competition

IDENTIFICATION STRATEGIES                                                                                                            

Students can be identified and nominated through a range of methods: Standardised Testing (MYAT, NAPLAN); Classroom Excellence; Teacher Nomination; Parent Nomination; Student Nomination.

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