Bunbury Catholic College
Rodsted Street
Bunbury WA 6230

Learning Support

At Bunbury Catholic College, we provide a secure and caring learning environment for our Year 7 to 12 students who have a range of additional needs.

The Learning Centre caters for the developmental needs of students with low to high support requirements, including severe language impairment, autism and Down’s syndrome, as well as intellectual disabilities.

Each student has a Documented Plan, developed in collaboration with his/her parents, which sets goals for skill development and nurtures independence and confidence. Students join their mainstream buddies for Homeroom, specialist classes and activities such as Sport, Art, Music and assemblies. Upper School transition programs, including work placements, ASDAN units and recreational programs with outside service providers, are also included in the curriculum.

For your child to be considered for a place in the Learning Centre, it is necessary to complete a general application form upon enrolment. The student and his/her parents or guardians may be required to meet with the relevant staff to discuss their child’s needs and the College’s facilities.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a high priority at Bunbury Catholic College. It is very important to us that each student feels secure, safe and above all, valued for who they are and their gifts.

At Bunbury Catholic College, every single student is part of a caring community where we maintain mutual respect in a nurturing environment.

Each student is a member of a Homeroom with around 25 students from their own Year Group. Each Homeroom has a ‘Homeroom Teacher’ who acts as the ‘school parent’ and is responsible for caring for their group. This system aims to ensure that students will have close contact with one teacher and a group of other students over the five years of secondary education.

Parents are encouraged to make Homeroom Teachers the first point of contact for any concerns, questions or information. This also gives teachers the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with each student’s family.